Offshore Canyons Charters (65 miles or more, July - October)
Yellowfin, Longfin & Bigeye Tuna, Marlin, Mahi
42 Yellowfin CC - $3,200

Inshore Trolling (up to 65 nautical miles) Tuna & Mahi 
42 Yellowfin CC - $2,000

Shark Fishing – Mudhole area Mako, Thresher, Blue Shark
42 Yellowfin CC - $1,900

For night, evening or inshore sharking, please contact us for current pricing.

Wreck Fishing for Sea Bass, Blackfish, Bluefish & Fluke
42 Yellowfin CC Full Day - $1,100

Wreck Fishing (20-30 miles)
42 Yellowfin CC Full Day - $1,750

Striped Bass
42 Yellowfin CC 6 hours - $950

Family Fishing on Manasquan River. 2 Hours - $550 for family of 4 (additional 5th person $25) Fish for Fluke, Blues, Weakfish.

If the Fish captured are undersized, or you do not want to retain them, you have the option of releasing them after tagging with an American Littoral Society Tag. 4 tags are furnished with each "Family Charter", additional tags are available for an added fee. Four digital photos will later be sent to you via e-mail to capture the memory. If the fish you tagged is recaptured, the ALS will notify you by mail and award a "Goldfish Patch" along with re-capture data, (where it was recaptured and growth information).

We utilize the BEST equipment available. For our younger charter members we use "Kids Katch" rods and reels. These are smaller rods and reels orientated for comfort and confidence for our younger anglers.

All trips are quoted for four anglers. Additional anglers (over 4 and up to 6) are $150 each additional angler. 50% deposit required for all charters due at time of booking.

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